pittsburgh 2

I just finished my set. I’m worn out. The stage was real hot. I’m gonna run tommorrow morning. I play better when I’ve run. I drove last night from my folks house in Kentucky to Pittsburg and then stayed at a shitty motel with a nice staff. All the motels were full. The motel lounge band was just finishing their set with “Sgt Pepper”. My room didn’t have a working light so the guy put a new bulb in while I had half a beer at the bar.

I asked for a late checkout and he asked for 5 bucks. So, I gave him five bucks cause I was real tired. I usually like to fall asleep to the tv but I was too tired to bother. I think there was a shitload of bedbugs in my bed. I had a hard time getting to sleep because of the little bugs. I couldn’t see them when I turned on the light.

One time, this guy at Barnes and Noble was sitting at a table in the coffee section, reading a Star Trek novel with two cups of water. He was very methodical in the way he drank his two little cups.

My girlfriend, Una, had a black sweater on and her arm was resting on the chair that his bag was sitting.

He said, “You might not want to put your arm there. My friends my get on you.”

There were all these white bugs crawling out of his bag and onto Una’s sweater. It was crazy. I’ve never seen those kind of bugs. These ghost-like bugs ranged from tick-size to chigger-size. It was awesome.

“There’s a hole in my wall. They live with me.”

He got up to get two more waters and my girlfriend and I went to another table. I felt shame as he walked back to the table but the look on his face seemed he understood us moving.

So, I was looking for those bugs in the bed but I couldn’t see them so I tried to tell myself there was nothing there and I fell asleep.

Shit, I bet they were crabs!