Minneapolis was excellent. We played at 1st Avenue, the club from Purple Rain. Common Rotation ruled their set. The Giants ruled their set.

My accordion was back to “normal” so I had complete confidence and took that to the stage. It felt really good.

I met some nice folks by the table, including Rick, who saw me about 4 years ago in New Orleans when I was in the Circus. He and friends came to our show at the Shim Sham Club for a bachelor party.

There were good pinball games but I couldn’t get the change machine to take my money. I used to play Funland all the time. They didn’t have it, I just remember it.

I’m kinda sick right now.

Jory got some new shoes. They look real good. Co Ro’s friend from a movie set invited us to a party. She’s real nice. It was a kind of wrap party for a movie about Charles Bukowski. Matt Dillon is Bukowski.

A girl had sex sitting right next to me. I guess they do those things in garages. She interrupted my conversation with her guy guy. Adam was trying to tell me what was going on with his eyes. I’m not good at it. Right next me! How do you do that? I didn’t even see it! I was watching the karaoke people singing “La Bamba”.

Now I know what Adam’s conversation about girlfriends on the road was about.

I hope my cough goes away.