Road Rules


“I saw the show when we were out in LA filming Scrubs and got a feel for the environment surrounding him and his camp. I want EVERYONE to remember it is HIS show. We get soundchecks based upon when he is done. Some days we may not get any. Once we get in the groove we may just do line checks since we only get an hour to an hour and a half tops for the most part. Also remember they have been on the road for 13 or 18 month and they are in the ZONE. We don’t want to come in and disrupt their bubble they have created. Use your common sense. There will be NO watching his show from the side of the stage. We will watch from out in the crowd. There is too many of us. Do not take what is not yours. We get stuff in our dressing room. If it is not there DO NOT think of taking or swiping it. They have aftershow parties that are NOT for us. They are for David Bowie and his guests. On the subject of catering. We only get dinners. NO LUNCH OR BREAKFASTS. Again there is too many of us. Please don’t harass David Bowie if you see him walking in the hall. BE AS NORMAL AS YOU CAN. I will try to set up a meet and greet where he visits with us and gets his picture with us. PLEASE DON’T LURK or be a nuisance. We want to be professional so we can get opportunities like this again. If you think something is wrong or questionable don’t do it. Don’t sneak friends backstage or in the gig. It looks bad upon all of us if you get caught.

This will be a fun and memorable tour. I can hardly believe it if here upon us.

On the subjects of robes, if your robe is left in the dressing room and I have it you can purchase it back from me for $30 in order to do the next show. The robes being left and kept unkempt is getting WAY out of hand.

Also please bring your PASSPORT for Jay Leno and Canadian Immigration. It is the best thing for both.

Don’t mean to be on a soapbox but I need you guys on your BEST BEHAVIOR”