Dallas was bad ass. Whenever I play Dallas now I get teary-eyed. Your friends who rooted for you in Dallas show up real proud. I curse a lot during the show because I’m a little nervous and I’m not good at not cursing, yet. Some dads gave their kids earmuffs when I started, “You guys are gonna make me fuckin’ cry.” And then my dirty-word, dirty-word spewed even more. After shows like that I feel like I’ve run 5 miles. It feels real good. And seeing the Spree in Dallas was the same feeling. Everyone is proud of them, too. After seeing Tripping Daisy all those years and then seeing this new creation that’s blowing up made all of them proud.

Oh, I got this email from my friend, Halee that sums this entry up:

Jon…don’t know how often you actually get to check e-mail but I had to write and suck up to you for a second. Friday night at the Granada? You were G.R.E.A.T. Obviously I have been a Corn Mo fan a long time, and I thought you were way great before, but holy crap, I don’t know what you’ve done or if you sold your soul to the devil or what…but your show was the slickest and the most well-oiled machined-runnin’ performance I’ve seen you do ever.

And I got goosebumps and laughbumps and I’m real proud of you, mister.

mister mister,


That’s why I play shows.