A Plate of Bark

Canker Jo-Jo Elf was sittin’ pretty in Kansas City when
Delicious Sword-Sword Cleric swathered up and said,
“Tuesday’s the day, Jo-Jo.”
“For what?”
“For letting down my guard and allowing myself to sit and try
pork bbq for the first time. Then, I’m gonna pour a glass of
celebration and tilt my head back to good times.”
“Do I know you?”
“You will Tuesday,” he chuckled. “And how.”
Jo-Jo’s pretty sittin’ wasn’t settin’ well.

Tuesday came and went and he never saw Sword-Sword.
Wednesday morning came and a note made of dove wings hovered above
like a message from a dragonfly:
“Dear Jo-Jo,
I was afraid and didn’t celebrate myself. I feel awful
about not knowing you and not eating bbq. I looked at a
wolf’s eye through the window and it instilled new fear about
trying new things. I will sit in the dark today and play PS2.
Best Wishes,
Jo-Jo took the note and made it into an airplane. The airplane flew over
the Atlantic and landed in a cabbage patch where a rabbit nibbled the
edges and made it look like a pig.
Another Tuesday came and Jo-Jo saw Sword-Sword.
“I want to thank you, Jo-Jo. For everything.”
“I made you this plate of bark.”

c. 2003