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Corn Mo at Rockwood on Sunday


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Boomstick Ballet


In their second major collaboration, Angela Harriell’s dance company, The Love Show, and Corn Mo’s band, .357 Lover, created “BOOMSTICK BALLET: A Bruce Campbell Rock Opera Ballet in 3 Acts”. In the true pioneering indie style of the Sam Raimi originals, the “Evil Dead II” and “Army of Darkness” acts feature a vast cast of characters played by a few versatile performers, and impressive production values on a shoestring budget. The “Bubba Ho-Tep” act stays loyal to the vision of Don Coscarelli’s film, delivering sincere messages about ageism and both the frailty and the resilience of the human condition, with a healthy dose of action and pure goofy comedy...

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Videos from Severed: The Tragic Loves of Frankenstein’s Monster

All of the songs from the rock opera ballet are up. Here is the playlist:

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Return of The Corn Mo Show



The Corn Mo Show
Sunday, September 4
doors at 7pm, show at 8

For the first time ever! The piano played onstage, live, by the amazing Corn Mo! Featuring special guest Chris Rozzi! An intimate and sexy evening of live music and comedy!

Corn Mo has been playing the Slipper Room piano on the floor but now it will be on stage! Outstandingtastic! He loves Peter Sellers and his friend Chris Rozzi reminds him of the late comedian. Serendipendous! For a special Labor Day Eve evening, he will play his most beloved catalog with some pals showing up to sing with him. Rainbowconnectingcilious!

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Rockwood Sunday, August 7


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Disco Mountain Man Pants

I’m putting them on and playing August 17 through August 20 with Tragedy at The Summer Breeze Open Air Festival in Dinkelsbühl, Germany.


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I wrote this for the Lebowskifest last year and played it in Dallas, last week.

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Ft Wayne 7/1/16


Fb invite:

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The Kessler in Dallas with Rhett Miller



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Puddles the Clown, Nick Offerman and I play some songs

February 2, 2016
at The Astor Theatre in Perth, Australia

“5,000 Candles in the Wind”

“Innocent When You Dream”

videos shot by Charney Marshall

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Bowery Electric 5/6/16

Tickets: $10 $12 DOS

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A Podcast Song for The Higherside Chats

I was asked to write a theme for a podcast called The Higherside Chats. You can hear it here:
and download the song here:

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New Haven Art Show

info and tickets:

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Valentine Song

The day after I got back from the tour with Nick, I was booked to play my girlfriend’s Valentine show at The Slipper Room. I hadn’t seen her in 19 days. I wrote her this Valentine’s Day present.

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We hit at 9:30.
more info:

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Tragedy UK


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Australia and New Zealand with Nick Offerman


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Corn Mo at Rockwood

Rockwood Music Hall
Stage 2

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Saturday night with Michael Shannon’s Corporal

It’s a benefit. If you want on the guest list, email me.

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Tuesday night at The Bell House


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