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Zombie Prom

Playing a zombie prom . . .
zombie prom

Corn Mo and Linus in LA


Joshua David Stein Variety Hour . . . Half Hour

I played a couple of songs on Joshua David Stein’s show. I almost gave away a recipe for bbq sauce, but ran out of time.

Interview with Previous Magazine

previous magazine

My friend, Hammy, interviewed me for Previous Magazine.
Read it when you like.

First and Monday Podcast

The nice fellow from talked to me while I was wandering New Orleans. At times, I made no sense.
Listen –

The Purchase of the North Pole Board Game

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

The game based on the album based on the Jules Verne novel is up. It is still being developed but you can download the game board and the playing cards and the rules. Suggestions are welcome.


My Dumb Friends Podcast

I talked to some comedians about dumb things I’ve done. Their names are Dan St.Germain and Sean Donnelly. They were nice fellows and were easy to talk to.


I made a video for “Winnetou” from The Purchase of the North Pole.

US tour with MC Frontalot and Dr. Awkward


I will be opening for MC Frontalot and sitting in with his band. Good times are ahead.
Check dates here:

Tragedy. Grease.

Moonlighting as Disco Mountain Man with Tragedy last night in Liverpool.

Corn Mo and Friends!


with HEIDEMANN and The Pendulum Swings featuring Jason Trachtenburg!

Baby, It’s Raining

The epilogue of a short story about Kate Moss’ love for Ross Perot.

Girls and Gasoline from SEVERED

A video of “Girls and Gasoline” from the rock ballet SEVERED: The Tragic Loves of Frankenstein’s Monster

Happy Birthday, Don’t Cry

A song about my great aunt.

Regular Nursing Home Diary Fan Fiction
I woke up late. 3am. My roommate is still asleep. She sleeps with her mouth open and she still has all her teeth, so instead of being repulsive, she is inspiring. Inspiring might be the wrong word. I dreamed she had blood soup for dinner. In the dream she wouldn’t tell me what she was eating. It looked like tomato soup but bloody. I don’t watch tv anymore but I think falling asleep to her television show had something to do with my dream. Before falling into slumber, I saw a man pull the heart out of another man and my brain made blood soup for dreams.
I made instant coffee and pulled out a Little Debbie sweet roll. i usually put it in the microwave for 7 seconds with one end opened but I didn’t want to wake my roommate Sharon. She can be sweet when she wants to.
When 6am comes, I will get real coffee and begin calling people who have birthdays. Mostly, strangers. By the way, it’s Sharon’s birthday. So, I will sing quietly into her dream ear.

Special Saturday Night Special Show on Saturday, April 19



Saturday, April 19
8pm doors
Radio Bushwick
22 Wyckoff Ave.

The Saturday night musical variety show loosely based in the style of Old Grey Whistle Test.
Featuring the fantastic dancers of The Love Show,
the magical wonders of The Great Dubini,
the comedy stylings of Selena Coppock,
the piano magic of Jeremy and The Symbols,
with special guest Anna C Cabanna,
with host Wilder Selzer
and the music of .357 LOVER.
and DJ Kay Mazing.

Rockwood Music Hall. 4/9/14.


THE BALLET – SEVERED: The Tragic Loves of Frankenstein’s Monster

I collaborated with Angela Harriell from The Love Show along with David Slone and my band .357 Lover. I decided that if I was going to fail at something, I would fail big. The gamble paid off and I’m very, very proud of this. My friends volunteered their time to be in the choir: Chris Anderson, Philip Costello, Royce Peterson, Harlan Muir, Wilder Selzer, Robin Goldwasser, Ken Weaver, Crystal Durant, Cathy Cervenka, Cara Kohl, Joanna Choy and Alexis Karl.
I consider myself very fortunate to have friends who want to work with me.
We will do it again.
“Here Come the Shine Shines”

Mini Doc by Scott Johnston


I joined a band called Tragedy. We’re going to Europe. Some of the dates I will be opening the show with a Corn Mo set. The rest of the dates will only see me as Disco Mountain Man.

Gods of Disco-Metal — World Tour 2014


Wed 12th March – Rushden Athletic Club – Rushden WITH CORN MO SET

Thurs 13th March – Hammerfest – North Wales (headlining Opening Night)

Fri 14th March – Satan’s Hollow – Manchester

Sat 15th March – The Fleece – Bristol

Sun 16th March – The Globe – Cardiff

Mon 17th March – Fruit Space – Hull

Tues 18th March – The Brickyard – Carlisle WITH CORN MO SET

Wed 19th March – Cluny 2 – Newcastle WITH CORN MO SET

Thurs 20th March – The Duchess – York

Fri 21st March – Rock City – Nottingham

Sat 22nd March – The Robin 2 – Wolverhampton/Birmingham

Sun 23rd March – Jazz Cafe – London WITH CORN MO SET


Wed 26th March – Spectrum Club – Augsburg, Germany

Thurs 27th March – Z-7 – Pratteln/Basel, Switzerland

Fri 28th March – Kump – Brilon, Germany WITH CORN MO SET

Sat 29th March – Rock It – Aalen, Germany

Interview on PRN with Jason and Rachel Trachtenburg

I did an interview at Gary Null’s studio yesterday with Jason Trachtenburg, a friend and former touring buddy. Rachel, who is also a friend and former touring buddy, called in from San Francisco. Good times.

Ballet with .357 Lover and The Love Show

Severed: The Tragic Loves of Frankenstein’s Monster
Thursday, March 6
The Highline Ballroom
431 W 16th St. (between 9th & 10th Ave)
Tickets and info –

The Love Show and Corn Mo bring you an original rock opera ballet, based on the .357 Lover album The Purchase of The North Pole, which was inspired by the Jules Verne novel of the same name. The anthemic stadium rock of .357 Lover combines with visceral theatrical dance of The Love Show to explore the many loves of a man made up of many men. A metaphor for the human condition, this powerful show is an all-out rock ‘n’ roll celebration of the agony and ecstasy of the fragmented lives we all live! – See more at:


You can hear all of the tracks from the Good/Bad CURTAINS show, which is now an infomercial. Each track represented a different room for the show. Mine was the children’s room. My friend, Will Robison, recorded his 4-year-old kid talking about her fascination with skulls.
On another note, I was in a glam-rock band with Daron Beck called The Golden Vipers. He has a new band called Pinkish Black.

Art on the TV

Last fall, I wrote a piece for an art show created by my old art collective Good/Bad. There were four rooms relating to stages in life. Mine was the child’s room. So, I recorded a variation on the theme of the four rooms that included my friend’s 4-year-old talking about her fascination with skulls.
The second part of the installation was to provide an late-night informercial. It airs next week in LA. Set your vcr’s.

KTXA 21 (DFW) – 02/08/14 (3:00AM CST)
WFAA 8 (DFW) – 02/09/14 (1:40AM CST)
WCBS 2 (NYC) – 02/14/14 (2:07AM EST)
KCBS 2 (LA) – 02/16/14 (3:30AM PST)
WFOR 4 (MIA) – 02/16/14 (1:05AM EST)

Interview with Good/Bad
Dallas article
Vice article

The Bumbershoot Words and Ideas Series 2013: Why This? Why Now?

During last year’s Bumbershoot Festival, I hosted a series titled “Why This? Why Now?”
It has recently been archived.
Why Froyo? Why Yolo?
Why Boardgames? Why Zombies?
Why Fan Fiction? Why YA?

Jingles for Meatwater

I wrote some jingles for my friend’s line of fake beverages called Meatwater.
Take them all if you like.

Werewolf Candy Cane

Here’s a video I made for my band. It’s on the The Purchase of the North Pole.

New album. It’s here. It’s here.

Order The Purchase of the North Pole VINYL RECORD (includes download card)







Add to Cart


Order the The Purchase of the North Pole in mp3 format: Add to Cart

Covering Queen with Alex Skolnick of Testament

Thanks to Nick Didkovsky for shooting this. His camera died during the song. Rob Walbourne is playing drums. Doug Bleek is playing bass. Craig Greenberg is playing the piano. They were excellent. There was no rehearsal.

New Video. Free Download. New Album Coming December 7.

Directed by Jamie French

Download song free –

Precious info on new album –

Kenny Rogers Cover

Messing around with a Kenny Rogers (Steve Gibb) song with an old mic.

I made a video.

I made a video for Charming Disaster.
Then, they entered it into a contest.