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Polyphonic Spree Christmas Video

Working on a Polyphonic Spree Christmas Video. Here are some photos:

Making tiny light stands:






Tentative title prop:






Tentative scene:






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New Song: “Emily Fusselman’s Rabbit”

Here is a song inspired by Philip K. Dick’s Flow My Tears, the Policemen Said.
Update: This song to be released by Good Records Recordings. More information, soon.

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Doing Math Problems with Soce the Elemental Wizard

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New Song: “Tomorrow”

Here is a new song called “Tomorrow”.


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Girl on a Wire in Nashville

Playing Girl on a Wire with .357 Lover in Nashville

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New Song: “Gameboard”

Here’s a song I wrote this week called “Gameboard”. It’s about beating the champion of a Napoleonic wargaming campaign at a local bar. Download it free of money.

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New Song: “The Road”

Time Cop and Event Horizon are both songs inspired by movies of the same respective names. Here’s one I recorded recently, inspired by the movie The Road.
Free download of “The Road”

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Getting into Feldman

I went to see Monodramas on Friday night. My friend Duckmandu came to town and scored free tickets. The director took 3 one person/one act operas and beautifully pieced them together. The first two were written by John Zorn and Arnold Shoenberg respectively. The third one was written by someone I’d never heard of – Morton Feldman.
A man who looked like a clownish version of Einstein (in a good way) sat in front of me. I couldn’t hear what he was saying after Feldman’s opera was finished but Duck told me that he was complaining that nothing good ever came from Feldman, railing and railing on about how much he hated the composer.
I like an artist who brings this much hate to the listener. So now, I’ve been listening to more Feldman.
Duck just sent me this interview Feldman did with Ia...

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Free Halloween Song

I’m still working on the .357 Lover album.  In the meantime, I’ve been messing around with Garage Band.  It’s like four-tracking, only easier.

If you go to the Music page, look for “Ghosts Don’t Care”.  It’s a free download.

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These are some goats I saw at Goat Island on Lake Barkley in Kentucky.

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