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Polyphonic Spree Christmas Video

Working on a Polyphonic Spree Christmas Video. Here are some photos:

Making tiny light stands:






Tentative title prop:






Tentative scene:






New Song: “Emily Fusselman’s Rabbit”

Here is a song inspired by Philip K. Dick’s Flow My Tears, the Policemen Said.
Update: This song to be released by Good Records Recordings. More information, soon.

Doing Math Problems with Soce the Elemental Wizard

New Song: “Tomorrow”

Here is a new song called “Tomorrow”.


Girl on a Wire in Nashville

Playing Girl on a Wire with .357 Lover in Nashville

New Song: “Gameboard”

Here’s a song I wrote this week called “Gameboard”. It’s about beating the champion of a Napoleonic wargaming campaign at a local bar. Download it free of money.

New Song: “The Road”

Time Cop and Event Horizon are both songs inspired by movies of the same respective names. Here’s one I recorded recently, inspired by the movie The Road.
Free download of “The Road”

Getting into Feldman

I went to see Monodramas on Friday night. My friend Duckmandu came to town and scored free tickets. The director took 3 one person/one act operas and beautifully pieced them together. The first two were written by John Zorn and Arnold Shoenberg respectively. The third one was written by someone I’d never heard of – Morton Feldman.
A man who looked like a clownish version of Einstein (in a good way) sat in front of me. I couldn’t hear what he was saying after Feldman’s opera was finished but Duck told me that he was complaining that nothing good ever came from Feldman, railing and railing on about how much he hated the composer.
I like an artist who brings this much hate to the listener. So now, I’ve been listening to more Feldman.
Duck just sent me this interview Feldman did with Iannis Xenakis:
It’s a good interview.
I also like Marty Feldman.

Free Halloween Song

I’m still working on the .357 Lover album.  In the meantime, I’ve been messing around with Garage Band.  It’s like four-tracking, only easier.

If you go to the Music page, look for “Ghosts Don’t Care”.  It’s a free download.


These are some goats I saw at Goat Island on Lake Barkley in Kentucky.

NBA Jam Day

This shot taken from my vantage point as the hired accompaniment for a fancy outdoor game of NBA Jam. I didn’t want to do it alone, so I asked them to hire my friend Adam, as well. The man in photo, Dwight Howard, plays basketball and gets paid very well for doing it. I root for him. I’m not very good at this game. He was wearing very expensive pants.

Some Stuff

I’ve been sick. I can’t concentrate on music or stories or videos right now. Here’s some other stuff, though.

I don’t link my page to my tweets because I drink sometimes and end up tweeting drunk and that’s too many fires to put out the next day. Plus, I don’t tweet from my phone for the same reason and also because it adds to my phone bill. If you want to follow my conway twitty, then go do it:
That said, I normally don’t follow # trends but I liked the #sadmusicals one. Here are some:
Thoroughly Modern Civil War Reenactor Working at a Hot Topic During a Civil War Reenactment Event #sadmusicals
Funny Faces of Death #sadmusicals
Yankee Doo Doo Doo Doo #sadmusicals
Little Shop of Hohners #happymusical

I watched the first episode of “The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret”. I cough-laughed a lot. I don’t smoke, it’s just that funny.

I get offered jobs I don’t really want to do. I’m doing one of them, soon. You may see it on the internet. I’m broke.

The record for .357 Lover is almost done. I rewrote some lyrics but am waiting in the studio’s line to record them.

My Tiny Tim Autograph

Back when I played with Mauve Oed, I begged the president of the Tiny Tim Fan Club, Bucks Burnett, to let us open the Tinypalooza show in Dallas, TX. I think he knew that we would ask him and had an extra slot for us. After his glorious show, he sat in a booth seated one person away from his crush, Miss Stephanie of Wayward Girl. He drank beer from a straw and told story after story from about midnight until 4am. He called me Mr. John.

Bizarre Magazine

Here’s a piece I wrote for Bizarre Magazine. Check out these bands when you get a chance.
Click this thumbnail a few times until you’re able to read it:

Recording Day – Vocals

Put down some vocal tracks today. I got a bad cold on Sunday. I hardly ever get sick which makes the timing of this excellent. There are two other times when I was sick doing vocal tracks: MC Duncan’s Dog and Pony Show and The Polyphonic Spree’s Together We’re Heavy. You can tell I’m sick on the former and can’t tell anything on the latter since it was backing vocals that were barely coming out. I didn’t want this record to have sick vocals but I did them anyway. Some may be kept and some are definitely being thrown away.

Recording Day Number 3

Brad's gear and the Hamilton baby grand

Brad's gear and the Hamilton baby grand

The piano tracks were put down today. I hit some rough spots but I’m pretty happy with the takes. Someone left a copy of The Man Who Loved Only Numbers, so I read that between takes.
The night before we recorded the tentatively titled song “Werewolf” without a click track, giving the song room to breath. It was the only song that we recorded the piano live with the band. The other songs were recorded to a scratch piano, since the baby grand can’t be put into an isolation booth. For “Werewolf”, the drums were moved into the scratch piano’s booth and the baby grand was used in the larger room. The results were excellent and it felt as if we were recording as a family.
After the piano tracks were played, Brad played a guitar track on “Pageant Parade” and a Farfisa track on “Look at Me”.
I got a little stir crazy in the studio. Walking in the rain a few blocks helped clear my head. I think this is going to be a really good album.

Recording Day Number 2

Ron and John Davis at The Bunker
We recorded yesterday at The Bunker in Brooklyn. Basic tracks were laid down for most of the album. Ron is playing drums with a glomus tumor under his left thumb. He won’t have it removed until after the session is complete. He’s also playing with a pinched nerve, causing muscle atrophy on his hands. He’s like the Hulk when the Hulk is David Banner with a glomus tumor under his thumb.
Pictures are currently up on my Flickr site and Facebook.
We’re going back in today. We will be putting more pics up on our Twitter page.

Recording Today

Going to the studio today to record the next .357 Lover album.

Recording today and through March

I’m recording today with my band, .357 Lover. Just vocals for the demos. It’s coming together really well. The demos will be sent to the studio as a map for the real recording which begins on Sunday. Then, we’ll be recording through most of March. When everything is finished, it will be released on vinyl, with an option for a download.

Thank You Video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

The Complex Interview

Found Footage Festival Interview

Here’s an interview I did with the two guys who curate the Found Footage Festival. Note: I never use the word “gab”.

Recording today

I’m trying to finish up the .357 Lover album so we’ll be mixing some today. Also, I’m recording a song for a documentary. I wrote it in 2 hours forgetting I was supposed to show the director something. I wrote another song last week in the same amount of time. The trend is developing from my inability to write things down on a calendar. People who can compartmentalize get a lot of stuff done. It would be nice to make brain shelves. Someday I will when my coffin includes a shadowbox with pieces of my brain. If anyone knows how to reanimate, then I can label the pieces myself.

Complex Interview

I did an interview for .357 Lover today with Complex Magazine. I’m not good at interviews, especially phone interviews. The first question he asked was what was a deal breaker for a girl, meaning what would make me not want a girl. It caught me off guard since I was thinking he would ask about the band which he eventually did. Of all the questions, I felt like I needed to constantly re-answer that question. My first answer was she had to like Rush (the band) but that’s not true since most girls I know don’t like Rush. My second answer was David Lee Roth. She had to like David Lee Roth. But, I really don’t care if a girl likes him or not. I like him. My third answer was Mel Brooks’ movies. She had to like them. In particular, Blazing Saddles. But, again, I don’t care. That’s for my enjoyment. I left it at that. Then, I thought of the real answer but it’s really stupid to call back in order to change an answer. That’s pretty lame. But, if I did call back to change my answer it would be my dad. She has to like my dad.

New Music – Songs of Franz Schubert

I’ve been learning songs of Franz Schubert lately and decided to record some of his songs with my friend, David Fairchild. I’ve posted them on a myspace page:

New Video

Here’s a video I made as an audition to make Ben Folds’ Hiroshima. I’d planned on reediting it but then my hard drive was ruined and I was stupid enough to not have backed it up. So, this is the rough version that I found in an email to Ben’s manager. I’ll make more.


The next full moon is not until May 19th.

However, I will be on Nightwatchers as a werewolf on Tuesday, May 6 at 10:05pm Eastern. They asked if I could “be a werewolf” for 45 minutes. I don’t know if I can but I said yes.

You can listen here.

Nightwatchers on myspace.

Werewolf Tonight!

I may be on NightWatch tonight at 9pm CTR. This will be the first time they've had a real werewolf on the show. UPDATE RESCHEDULED FOR MAY 6TH!


I got this email yesterday.  It made my day.  I’d sent the Golden Warrior a copy of Your Favorite Hamburger is a Cheeseburger

Hey Jon,
Thanks for the CD. Hope you guys are doing well. This is my wife’s email address. I don’t do email unless it’s something special.
Keep Up The Good Work…If you don’t get a Grammy for “SHINE ON” then it’s rigged.
Your Friend,
Kevin Von Erich

Here’s some of the hair match. 

Muppet Movie Dream

I just woke up from a dream about seeing "The Muppet Movie" with my family.  It was different from the real muppet movie.   Before the opening credits, there’s a scene where a family has a bad day at the mall and is on the top floor of a parking garage.  The dad says, “I don’t know how this day could get any worse” and a car blows up with three guys in their 20’s thrown from the car onto another car, one dangling through the sunroof.  They’re all dead of course but there is something comical in the way they landed. 

The camera focuses in on a small bottle that fell out of one of the guy’s pockets.  It says “Green Felt” on it as if it were some kind of acid.  Then, it focuses on a patch of clovers that grew on the top of the parking garage.  Then, "The Rainbow Connection" starts.

My mom says, “Let’s go,” because we were on the road and had to keep going.  I say, “Wait,"  as if something were going to happen that would make us want to stay longer and Jackie Cooper is in the next scene, driving a convertible Model T through a open field of people about to watch fireworks.  His passenger looks just like Buffy from Family Affair.

When I woke up I thought about Jim Henson’s Time Piece.