Daily Archives September 22, 2010

Some Stuff

I’ve been sick. I can’t concentrate on music or stories or videos right now. Here’s some other stuff, though.

I don’t link my page to my tweets because I drink sometimes and end up tweeting drunk and that’s too many fires to put out the next day. Plus, I don’t tweet from my phone for the same reason and also because it adds to my phone bill. If you want to follow my conway twitty, then go do it: www.twitter.com/cornmo.
That said, I normally don’t follow # trends but I liked the #sadmusicals one. Here are some:
Thoroughly Modern Civil War Reenactor Working at a Hot Topic During a Civil War Reenactment Event #sadmusicals
Funny Faces of Death #sadmusicals
Yankee Doo Doo Doo Doo #sadmusicals
Little Shop of Hohners #happymusical

I watched the first episode of “The Increasingly Poor Decisi...

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