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Tonight, May 30th

Killer Queens with .357 Lover

Tonight, my band is playing at the Highline Ballroom.
show is at 8
we go on at 9:30

Here’s the facebook invite:!/event.php?eid=121458101215953&ref=ts

Here’s the video promo I made:

Here’s a link to the venue:

Here’s Ronnie Milsap:

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Palace of Wonders Tonight

Tonight’s show is at the Palace of Wonders in Washington, DC.
Here is the video flyer:
Here is the club’s website:
They used to have a drink there called the Corn Mo-mosa (orange juice and Mickey’s malt liquor).
They still have a wealth of fantastic things to look at:
Here is the website of the aerialist performing with me:
Some sloths
Uncle Buck

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Robert Holiday and James French

My friend, James French, made this video. He also put out an album called Totally Not Completely Unfake. I’m listening to it right now. You can hear the tracks at his website:
I’m given albums made by people who come to my shows from time to time. I don’t listen to all of them, although I should. I’m glad I am listening to this one.
Sometimes I’m given a cd that I think is brilliant and I never hear from that person again. I hope it’s because they’re working on something. It’s always a shame to find out when someone who makes cool shit gives up because nothing “happened” with the music. If you make cool shit, you should keep making cool shit.

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Bushwick Book Club

I’ve been playing in a group that meets on the first Tuesday of every month called The Bushwick Book Club. The creator, Susan Hwang, picks a book for everyone to read for the month and each member writes a song or two about the book. She released an album with some of those songs. It’s called The Bushwick Book Club, Volume 1, January-November 2009. Here’s a link to the website and the myspace site.
Here’s a link to listen to the song I did which is based on the book The Unbearable Lightness of Being.
Her Own Sweet Vertigo

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Video Flyer for Palace of Wonders

Palace of Wonder in Washington, DC – Thursday, May 20

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Video Flyer for Highline

Here’s a video for the .357 LOVER show on May 30.

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Corn Mo in DC


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