Daily Archives April 4, 2010

Big Fan Fiction in the style of Old Josh’s Fan Fiction of Young Josh as Old Josh

Old Josh and Regular Susan had just come back from the Museum of Natural History. Regular Susan had just taken off her shoes and was hoping to take off more.
“So, what do you want to do now?”
“I have the Monster Manual under my bed.”
“We can look through it. Together.”
“That sounds fascinating.”
“You have to be naked to look at it.”
“Well, then. Let me take my clothes off.”

At that point, Old Josh realized that Stormbringer was the only weapon he could use at this point. Yet, although he was all chaotic evil on the outside he was still neutral good on the inside. So, he feigned sickness and told regular Susan she should probably leave on account of his contagion.

“So, yeah, you should probably go.”
“Okay. I get it.”

So, Susan left; and because of a good night’s sleep, she gave...

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