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Video Flyer for Saturday

Here’s a flyer for an upcoming .357 Lover show:

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Friday Night Intimate Show

I love the idea of playing in a room with no microphones. That’s a true intimate show. When Jonathan Wood Vincent told me he acquired a place with a piano for a parlor show, I immediately told him I’d love to be involved.
This Friday I will be playing a set in this parlor room. Jonathan will play as well as Lily Maase. Oh, and they’ll have a potluck dinner.
Friday, April 23
Papacookie Pinewood Timber Mill
201 W. 86th St. #806
Here is the facebook invite:

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Schubert’s Rast

This is number ten in Schubert’s Winterreise. David Fairchild is on piano. I’m still trying to master these songs.
Link to song: Rast
You can hear more of these at

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“Ghost” from Alice Wakeman

This is a song from our rock opera called Alice Wakeman. This song is from the scene where Alice realizes that no one comes to see him play but the ghosts in his castle. We performed it on a show called Fearless. To ghosts.

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Parkside Show on Friday, April 16

My friend, Geoff Berner, told me he was coming to town. So, I set up this show in order to show him off to my friends. We toured together as part of the Monsters of Accordion Tour. He is an amazing performer. One of my best friends, Magic Brian, has just returned from Australia. He will perform the prestidigitation feats that he is known for.

Friday, April 16
Corn Mo and Friends
Parkside Lounge
317 E Houston (at Attorney)
w/ Magic Brian, Geoff Berner
doors – 7:45pm
show – 8pm
Corn Mo plays at 8
Corn Mo is finished @ 8:45.
Corn Mo gets two beers.
Corn Mo watches Magic Brian around 8:50
Corn Mo watches Geoff Berner around 9:05.

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Bizarre Magazine

Here’s a piece I wrote for Bizarre Magazine. Check out these bands when you get a chance.
Click this thumbnail a few times until you’re able to read it:

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John Titor and Eloi Cole Fan Fiction

Some background information: John Titor is the Paul Bunyan of time travel. Eloi Cole is either the James Frey of time travel or the Billy the Kid of time travel.
John Titor and Eloi Cole are sitting at a bar. John is drinking beer and Eloi is drinking 12-year-old single malt. Both are getting to the point of talking too much.
At one point, John says, “Eloi, what year did you say you came from again?”
Eloi responds, “That depends, John. What year did you come from?”
The Price-is-Right strategy comes into play at this moment. If Eloi says 2016, then John will say 2017. John can say whatever he wants about the year 2017 because Eloi doesn’t know what has happened in 2017. Furthermore, John can ask Eloi who won the World Series in 2016...

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Franz Schubert’s “Im Dorfe”

Before going to bed, check out my version of “Im Dorfe” from Schubert’s Winterreise. It’s not quite a lullaby, not quite a party song. David Fairchild is on the piano. I’m still trying to master this.
Im Dorfe

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Time Travel News

Move over John Titor, Eloi Cole has traveled from the future to save the earth:
A reposting of Time Cop is in order:

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Corn Mo Accompanies Game Play

Slip’s game play montage/homage:

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Big Fan Fiction in the style of Old Josh’s Fan Fiction of Young Josh as Old Josh

Old Josh and Regular Susan had just come back from the Museum of Natural History. Regular Susan had just taken off her shoes and was hoping to take off more.
“So, what do you want to do now?”
“I have the Monster Manual under my bed.”
“We can look through it. Together.”
“That sounds fascinating.”
“You have to be naked to look at it.”
“Well, then. Let me take my clothes off.”

At that point, Old Josh realized that Stormbringer was the only weapon he could use at this point. Yet, although he was all chaotic evil on the outside he was still neutral good on the inside. So, he feigned sickness and told regular Susan she should probably leave on account of his contagion.

“So, yeah, you should probably go.”
“Okay. I get it.”

So, Susan left; and because of a good night’s sleep, she gave...

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Give it Up Video

Live video of .357 Lover from Fearless:

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April Fool’s To Do List

I’m gonna April Fool myself by bringing up a painful memory, trick myself into thinking it never happened and then say “April Fools”.

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