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Evelyn Evelyn’s “My Space” Available for Download

“My Space” is a wonderful song from a project created by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley. A host of gang vocals include Francis Bean Cobain, Andrew WK, Weird Al Yankovic and Neil Gaiman. My gang-vocal track was recorded here in my kitchen.
Free Download at Stereo Gum:

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Paul Harvey/007 Fan Fiction

There was a regent who ate po boys every day. He was really proud of his lunches – so much so that daily he told everyone what kind of po boy he was having.
“Guess what kind of po boy I’m having today?”
“Do I know you?”
Sometimes he would strike up a conversation about his lunch with other po boy aficionados. One of those conversations was with a guy who jumped trains. He had to constantly remind others that he was not the definition of a hobo. He liked to eat smoked oysters on hot dog buns.
That conversation lasted a long time and wasn’t repeated since the train jumper disappeared the following day.
A few weeks later, the regent regaled a story to a stranger about the time he had a regular shrimp sandwich instead of a po boy.
The stranger remarked, “Well, you are what you ...

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Ben Franklin Werewolf Occurs Again

I will be reviving the role of Benjamin Franklin this evening.

Friday, March 26th
Joe’s Pub
It’s 1763 and there are vampires in Philadelphia.
Paula Abdul Blackwood is a beautiful young Quaker girl being forced into marriage with the wheelwright’s son.
Jack Sheridan, a politically idealistic young vampire, is the man she loves.
Everywhere there is dissent. Fractious parties debate the future of the colony.
Master Commodore Skat Kat and Benjamin Franklin vie for power in the Assembly.


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Tonight at Northeast Kingdom

I’m playing tonight at Northeast Kingdom, an excellent establishment a few blocks from my house.
No mics. Parlour style.
Show starts at 10pm.

Northeast Kingdom is at 18 Wyckoff Ave. which is near the Jefferson stop off the L.
Also playing are Susan Hwang, Preston Spurlock, Yoko and Sara Lautman.

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Last Day of Recording

Doing lead vocals on 4 songs and then some background vocals and then that’s it. Yesterday, we did lead and background vocals as well. Ron got an idea for a song that involved kicking an amp, sounding off the reverb coils. It’s going to sound really good. This album is going to sound really good – maybe not to everyone, but definitely to me.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I can’t drink today because I’m re-recording vocal tracks. To be sure, Ted Templeman once told David Lee Roth to go eat a couple of cheeseburgers and drink whiskey after his initial vocal takes were too good. As a result, we have the first Van Halen album which is perfect. But, for me I’ll stick with water and honey. Tomorrow night, though, I’ll sit in an empty bar and enjoy myself.
For those who are embarking on a celebration today, I’ll repost this song. It’s called “I’m Going Out With My Friends Tonight” and was originally written for New Year’s but you are welcome to enjoy it on this day as well.
I’m Going Out With My Friends Tonight

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Recording Day – Vocals

Put down some vocal tracks today. I got a bad cold on Sunday. I hardly ever get sick which makes the timing of this excellent. There are two other times when I was sick doing vocal tracks: MC Duncan’s Dog and Pony Show and The Polyphonic Spree’s Together We’re Heavy. You can tell I’m sick on the former and can’t tell anything on the latter since it was backing vocals that were barely coming out. I didn’t want this record to have sick vocals but I did them anyway. Some may be kept and some are definitely being thrown away.

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