Recording Day Number 3

Brad's gear and the Hamilton baby grand

Brad's gear and the Hamilton baby grand

The piano tracks were put down today. I hit some rough spots but I’m pretty happy with the takes. Someone left a copy of The Man Who Loved Only Numbers, so I read that between takes.
The night before we recorded the tentatively titled song “Werewolf” without a click track, giving the song room to breath. It was the only song that we recorded the piano live with the band. The other songs were recorded to a scratch piano, since the baby grand can’t be put into an isolation booth. For “Werewolf”, the drums were moved into the scratch piano’s booth and the baby grand was used in the larger room. The results were excellent and it felt as if we were recording as a family.
After the piano tracks were played, Brad played a guitar track on “Pageant Parade” and a Farfisa track on “Look at Me”.
I got a little stir crazy in the studio. Walking in the rain a few blocks helped clear my head. I think this is going to be a really good album.

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