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2 New Songs

were recorded and posted on the .357 Lover myspace page.

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Interview with Pop Underground

Welcome; John Cunningham aka ‘Corn Mo’.

Q/ Morning. How’s it going?


Q/ I was doing – what I laughingly like to call – research. Now the internet is quite a big place and perhaps I was poking around in the wrong corner but it’s quite hard to find a huge amount of information on you. Are you carefully maintaining the persona of an enigmatic master of songs?

No. I’m just not that popular. It would be brilliant if it were true.

Q/ You’ve toured with Ben Folds, The Polyphonic Spree and They Might Be Giants. They’re all very different artists. They might giants with quirky short songs, The polyphonic spree with two dozen robed individuals, Ben Folds atop his piano conducting the audience into a sing-along...

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Ben Folds Video

Here's a video I made for Ben Folds.

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THE LOVER Wednesday, August 6 at the Mercury Lounge

Wednesday, August 6
.357 Lover at the Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston (corner Ave A and Houston)
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singalong1.jpg  photo by miss carrie

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