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Cool Shows to See

March 21 and 22
Genesis, no!
by Adrienne Truscott
Dance Theater Workshop
One half of the Wau Wau Sisters created this dance piece.  The two brilliants Carmine Covelli and Neal Medlyn are involved, also.

gothamist interview

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March 22
Tragedy CD Release Party
BB Kings
Pure entertainment packed with a good sound. The Bee Gees wrote great songs.

March 23
Bindlestiff Family Cirkus
Zipper Factory
They always put on a good show.

March 24
Megan Mullally and the Supreme Music Program
Zipper Factory
She has a beautiful, haunting voice. She'll hand you back your heart with her Ave Maria.

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Larry the Bear

Chapter 1
There were these 2 guys who had been pulling tobacco for five hours. A net of yellow weeds covered the patch but came off like Velcro. The pulled weeds accumulated on a pile of red tarps and soon resembled fries on ketchup. Larry, the first guy, hadn’t eaten since the day before. He kept swallowing the juice created by his skoal bandits due to the presence of a bear in his co-worker’s truck, as it kept startling him. His co-worker, Yancy, caught the gentleben when he was a cub and took care of him ever since. No bear is sacred to the best meats and Larry sensed that his skoal smell and skoal spit was akin to oozing gravy to that bear in the truck who was also named Larry.
Larry, the man, wanted to get drive-thru for lunch and Yancy wanted sit-down, “like Denny’s...

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