Daily Archives October 27, 2007

Note found on my locker at the gym I can barely afford. I do not have a private locker and cannot afford a personal trainer.

Hey T-Pro,
Don’t hate me because I don’t use a t-bar. I haven’t used it since I dropped 25 lbs. I had the setting on 12 prior to my dramatic weight loss. For you morons that think the 12 on the t-bar (now called sissy bar, sister to the “t” in t-ball) means 12 lbs, you’re sorely mistaken. It stands for 64 lbs that you CANNOT lift. Keep going. Don’t let it get you down. Because someday (and look at my eyes not my pecks when I say this) you will be t-bar free, just like me.
Pro Diamond
ps. You should drink milk and eat a banana for lunch.

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