Things I found in my room

I was cleaning up some things in order to build the diorama for the next cd cover. I tend to take too long cleaning because I enjoy reminiscing. I found these things:


I can’t remember who drew this. I really like it though. I’m glad the date’s on it. That’s exactly how I looked in ’07.


This is a setlist from a Bindlestiff Family Cirkus show. I don’t remember where I was.
Intro: Philomena’s Bindlestiff song
Diablo: Kinko the Clown’s really good at this act.
Magic: Magic Brian. He was diligent about keeping a notebook of previous tours so that he wouldn’t do the same trick again.
Glass: Dr. Flummox walked on glass.
Corn Mo: I did a few songs.
Okra: I can’t remember if he did the knife throwing act or if he smashed a cinder block over his head. I think it was the latter. He wrote an amazing zine called Gutter Butter. I found a copy here.
Bookpitch: Dr. Flummox pitched the Autonomedia Bookmobile before the intermission.
Straitjacket: Magic Brian and Kinko would compete in getting out of a straitjacket.
Condom: Philomena snorted a condom through her nose until she could blow it like bubblegum through her mouth.
Razors: Magic Brian put five razorblades with 12 inches of dental floss into his mouth. Some time and blood would pass and then he’d pull out the razors that had been magically tied together in his mouth. Magic!
Corn Mo: I usually did a singalong here.
Sword: Mr. Pennygaff (aka Kinko) swallowed long scissors, the end of a bayonette, a 27-inch sword, and a neon tube. I used to tell him other things he should swallow. He did use one idea: He attached a Wheel-O to a curved strip of metal, not unlike a coathanger, and would work the Wheel-O from his throat.
Fire: Philomena ate fire and blew fireballs.
The End

My friend, Kyle, gave me a cassette of Genesis’ …And Then There Were Three… while we were on tour with the Pontani Sisters. I remember I had a really fun birthday. I drank a good amount and then started a party in the Pontanis’ room. I drank their wine and remember everything.


When I unloaded trucks in Grapevine, TX, a co-worker gave me this list of movies I should see. I still keep it because I haven’t finished it.



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