Monsters of Accordion 8/23 – Still in Portland

We stayed with Devin and Kiri, a couple from Portland with a big place. They made us crepes in the morning that featured tomatoes, basil, and strawberries from the front yard’s garden. Afterwards, Geoff went to visit his 90-year-old grandmother. Duckmandu went to the 76 station to get his van looked at.

monster35.jpg circus door to the house. camera phone trumps efforts to prove it.

Devin had RBI Baseball on Nintendo. He knew that’s where I first used the name Corn Mo. Corn Mo was the name I had given my pitcher for my Nintendo baseball team. I haven’t played that game in a while. As I destroyed my opponent, he felt a bit let down, not from my bad ass pitching but because he thought the name came from the game. “Nope.” In the next phase of our time together, he brought out Dr. Mario. He put all the levels on the highest possible and mastered that level like a juggler throwing 9 balls in the air with little fretting.


note the name of the pitcher. only one system has the original corn mo pitcher in its memory. mine.

Jason and I went to KBOO to do an interview. I met a bearded lady at the radio station. She had Van Dyke that was very handsome. Best lady beard I’ve ever seen.

I played “You Finally Got Your Song” and did some talk. I wrote that song in Oregon so it seemed fitting.

monster36ps.jpgmonster37ps.jpg filing system for albums

monster39ps.jpg this record is filed under awesome.

monster38ps.jpg file under new friends

monster40ps.jpg satisfying knobs

My new friend, Geoff, reminds me of my old friend, David. I carelessly used the word doppelganger and understood that no one wants to know that there is someone similar to them unless maybe there is a blood relation. Everyone is unique. But I’m pleasantly reminded of my friend, David, while keeping that info from my friend, Geoff. I don’t mind when people say Meatloaf around me when I can tell they enjoy him, also. But, it would be proper if they said, “You remind me of Meatloaf(with songs by Jim Steinman).” Otherwise, it is only a dog barking.

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    […] Mo reveals today that his name originated on the fields of RBI Baseball, the greatest of all Nintendo baseball games. One of the most disappointing moments in my short […]

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