Monsters of Accordion 8/21-Fremont Abbey, Seattle

The show was good. It was in an old church and was run by volunteers I think. They were really, really nice.

This was the first time I’d seen Geoff or Aaron perform. Both were fantastic. Geoff’s songs are haunting, funny, smart, and beautiful. Aaron does a lot of Dead Kennedy covers very well. I’d say he’s the most accomplished player in our group. He also does a fantastic “Stars and Stripes Forever” cover. I love John Phillip Sousa. Vladmir Horowitz does a great cover, also. So do The Residents. Jason went on last. He can hold a crowd in his hand like a street performer with no final trick. He’s a great showman.

My friend, Nick, came. His show just got cancelled. We were going to drink after the show to his show’s demise. They didn’t have beer at church and they shouldn’t. They did have wine, though.

The plans fell through and I stayed with my friend, Kathy, and her son, Joshua aka Jetpack McLeod. Her boyfriend, Chris, is also a great friend but he was in Montana installing a piece of art. Joshua is a brilliant eight-year-old whose knowledge of music sometimes surpasses Chris’. He’s interviewed bands before and began grilling me with questions as me and him and his mom went to 13 Coins for a late dinner.

jetpack Jetpack is on the right. Chris Weber is on the left. That’s you in the middle.

“What do you like to do? Do you like to draw? What’s your favorite band? What’s your favorite song? Have you ever done something and hid because you’ve felt guilty even though you did nothing wrong? What’s your girlfriend’s name? What’s your favorite soda?”

I got a reuben. And 2 pilsners.

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