Daily Archives July 17, 2006

You’re Welcome

Dear Corn Mo,
At the behest of Mr. Bill Stites, I checked out your Bonnaroo set and
was blown away by it.  Never before have I been as utterly compelled
by a single musician with an accordian, or even watched one for that
matter.  I was pleasantly surprised to find you’d be in Baltimore
shortly and will be getting together the small group of people that,
while watching your Bonnaroo set, I thought “I know some people that
would love this” about.

Also, while mildly intoxicated in the backstage band area, I
approached the designer jeans tent and asked for a pair.  When asked
what band I played with, I instinctively spouted out that I was “the
drummer for Corn Mo.”  We talked about our (your) music for a while
and then she gave me the pants.  Since I would not have these pants
were it no...

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