Daily Archives May 25, 2006

Dave Hill’s Explosion

I saw The Dave Hill Explosion last night.  He had Fred Armisen, Malcolm Gladwell, and Walter Schreifels as guests.  Fred Armisen did his Sadaam Hussein impersonation.  It’s a good one.  He’s a funny dude.  Real nice, too.  I really like Malcolm Gladwell’s articles for the New Yorker.  I haven’t read his books, yet.  He reminds me of a cross between my old therapist and John Linnell.  He’s very articulate and much smarter than I am.  Walter Schreifels used to play with the Gorilla Biscuits.  I’d never seen them but I liked his song.  It was very well written and he sings nicely.  Dave Hill is a funny guy.  A good showman and a good guy he is.  I hope he wins.


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