Daily Archives February 23, 2006

How to Be Better Than You Already Are

A fine piece of literature was beholden at this dime store that had become a dollar store.  It was a book on how to mold yourself into a better person so I thumbed through it for a grain of salt.  The cashier saw me looking at the book, walked over, and grabbed it out of my hands.  She thumbed through it like it was cash.



"I put a note in here from my tommorrow boyfriend so that my backup boyfriend wouldn’t see it and now it’s gone."

"What’s a tommor-"

"Nevermind.  Dammit.  FFFFFF-Why can’t people leave shit alone?"

And then she ran down the aisle of office supplies and thumbed through all the coloring books that were only a dollar.  She was creating quite a pile while her register was building a good line of people.

One customer finally said, "Hellooo?"

"Hold on!  dammit...

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