Daily Archives January 23, 2006

The Winking Wilzner

"Fridays are my diving boards and Sundays are my towels."

"That’s wonderful.  Where are the teabags?"

"On the subject of my weekend, I will be rushing headlong into a journey of painting my bedroom to a color that matches the sepia-colored photos that I bought in college."

"I guess sepia was in then."


"Where are the teabags?"

"Under the sink, next to the bag of brillos."

"They’re not there."

"Well, then.  I have a sepia print of my favorite actor, Dilly Shan-"

Jeffrey went on a journey himself.  He lied down on the carpet next to the mini fridge and took a much needed nap.  He wasn’t tired.  He just needed to escape the depression created by his officemates who appeared slightly higher than himself and this was his only weapon...

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