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What I’m Listening to

I don’t usually write what I’m listening to because most of my friends think I have a terrible taste in music and don’t want to know.  But today I got to listen to a couple of cool cds.  A friend of mine that I met at a TMBG show gave me a cd he had just finished.  It’s handmade, including the packaging.  And it’s really good.  Hopefully, he’ll have a myspace site up to share some of them.  His name is Jimmy Dority.  He’s really good.

And then my roommate let me borrow "The Best of Free Design".  They do a cover of "You Are My Sunshine", one of the best songs ever written.  I got a little teary. 

freedesign.gifthe free design

Well, there’s that.  And then, I finally found Andrew Schroeder songs.  He was the french horn player in the Polyphonic Spree...

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CornMo on

Go HERE to see CornMo’s site on You can listen to songs that aren’t on this site, like "Hava Nagila Monster" (which is your new favorite Corn Mo Song). You can make CornMo your interweb friend and he can do the same to you. You can share an eBeer. In case you didnt notice, there is a new video over on the "Quick Links" section on the sidebar. If this rock and roll thing doesnt work out, CornMo might become a motivational speaker. Check it out. I’ll be adding this to the video page soon. -Joel (WebMo)

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10/3, Newark

I’m getting ready to get on the plane.  My car-service driver got lost on the way to the airport.  She was real nice though and I left early enough for no worries.  No harm, no foul. 

I got the new Wired.  My trips coincide with new issues.  I also borrowed my friend’s Fortean Times magazine.  It has map of cool places to visit.  I should have plenty of time to see some of these places.

I got a text from Jory last night.  He kissed Erin Gray at the Sci Fi convention where Common Rotation was playing.  She’s still hot.  I just watched Six Pack again this week.  She makes it with the great Kenny Rogers.  His soundtrack contribution, Love Will Turn You Around, is one of my favorite songs.

I look forward to drinking with my buddies and having good times this week.

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10/5, London

Dammit!  I got a memory stick and dv tapes for my camera and didn’t pack the second half of the power cord.  Damn my eyes!

Me and Jory got a proper English breakfast and made our way to the Common Rotation video shoot.  This fellow Evan was shooting it.  He’s a good guy with good ideas. 


the fantastic moviemaker, evan richards

He was Bill S. Preston, Esq. in Bill and Ted’s tv show.  He knows my almost manager who once bought me the best sandwich ever, The Sloppy Johnny, on 25th and 6th.

A Card Trick

We started in Parsons Green at a girl’s apartment.  She was off opening for Duran Duran with her band and her place was very nice.  If you want to buy it you can for 205,000 quid.  I’ll hook you up.  I didn’t bring my book because I thought there would be too much to do while waiting for...

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10/6, London

I rented a piano for the show last night.  I got a good deal on it and the chaps who hired it out were really nice.  I had a hard time finding the place and everyone I asked in the neighborhood had no idea what street I was looking for.  I found a bus map and made my way to garage that rented instruments.  I got a nice Lose Weight Exerciseed key piano.  It was much heavier than the one I have and I was in a hurry to get to the show so the fellows called me a car service.  When you call a car service, make sure you ask how much ahead of time and that is what they did. 

The car was a brand new Mercedes and I was quoted £10. 

"This is the most expensive neighborhood in London believe it or not," the renter in Hampstead told me...

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Corn Mo UK!

Thursday, October 6

w/ Common Rotation
263-7 Old Brompton Road
8pm all ages tickets

Friday, October 7

w/ Common Rotation
263-7 Old Brompton Road
8pm all ages tickets

Saturday, October 8

The Barfly

w/ Common Rotation
260 Clyde St.

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Friday, October 21
Knitting Factory
w/ Bling Kong, Herbal Nation, and Hair Supply

Saturday, October 22, 8pm
Corn Mo and Magic Brian Present!
Parkside Lounge
317 Houston at Attorney
w/ Brad Aldous, Sylvia Machete, and Todd Deatherage


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