Midway Cafe, Sept. 3

Good times were had in Boston. I got a ride with Alan Astor, who was playing the show, also. He rented a sweet ride that also fit a Boston band going back from a NY show, called Big Digits. He reminds me of Tom Jones. He’s got the magic as they say. He looks like one of the guys from Megaforce, the movie starring Barry Bostwick, made during the post-apocalyptic movie boom that followed the cape tails of Mad Max. His set was him and his Ipod. He has a band that plays his NY shows. Real good.
John Manson set up the show. Guys like him are pieces of gold. Vic Thrill is like that, too. They will set up shows and take care of bands and make sure everything’s cool and go out of their way to help you out. The bill was John’s band, Young Sexy Assassins, Heloise, Alan Astor, and me.
If you ever get the chance to see YSA, do it. They’re badasss.
Heloise sings with dancers and a band. She’s real good, too.
John’s girlfriend had a birthday. So, we met up at her house for the before-show party. Her sister’s accordion was broken and I tried to fix it but needed more time. So, I put on a party hat and a couple of blinking rings and hung out with the locals. A parade ensued and the party marched down the street to the venue with a boombox in a shopping cart leading the way.
I hate watching hecklers during someone else’s set which is what I did. I get so angry. It’s the same feeling as someone talking in a movie theater- when you think they’re done, they start up again. Oh, well. I let it go.
I rode to my couch with John and Eve and Eve’s dad and Rich. Eve had the hiccups so I tried scaring her in the car and it didn’t work. So, when we got out of the car I got rid of her hiccups by staring at her. It’s awesome when this works.
“Are your hiccups gone?”
So, then her dad asked me to help him walk home 9 miles. So, I stared at him, told him he was good, and watched him walk down the street. I hope he made it home okay.
I woke up on John’s couch and no one was around. So, I made myself coffee with the espresso machine that he had picked up from a moving neighbor. Really good coffee. And yesterday’s paper.
Then, his new roommate came in and we hung out and went to a brunch down the street. Really nice people. Really nice. I met this girl who drives an escort. Not the car but the harlot. She makes sixty dollars an hour. When I say she I mean the driver. One of the customers lives with his mom and waits for her to go to bingo. There’s a movie to be made.
Now I have “Never Been to Me” stuck in my head. Just kidding. But maybe now you do.
I took the Lucky Star bus to Chinatown NY. It wasn’t bad. Although, I think the driver left someone at the Roy Rogers. Thank goodness I hate Roy Rogers.
I got home and watched Sin City and fell asleep. Nick Offerman kicks ass.