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Midway Cafe, Sept. 3

Good times were had in Boston. I got a ride with Alan Astor, who was playing the show, also. He rented a sweet ride that also fit a Boston band going back from a NY show, called Big Digits. He reminds me of Tom Jones. He’s got the magic as they say. He looks like one of the guys from Megaforce, the movie starring Barry Bostwick, made during the post-apocalyptic movie boom that followed the cape tails of Mad Max. His set was him and his Ipod. He has a band that plays his NY shows. Real good.
John Manson set up the show. Guys like him are pieces of gold. Vic Thrill is like that, too. They will set up shows and take care of bands and make sure everything’s cool and go out of their way to help you out. The bill was John’s band, Young Sexy Assassins, Heloise, Alan Astor, and me.

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