Daily Archives August 5, 2005

Milk the deer

there was this deer and the deer’s name was Milk. his mom named him such because he had a splash of white on his back. Milk never outgrew his name or his splash. one day a hunter’s child saw Milk eating a sunflower. now what’s peculiar here is that the sunflower grew in the woods, away from sunlight. the hunter’s child had wandered as his father was watching a fishing show on his portable. when Milk saw the hunter’s child he jumped sideways and kept one eye on the child for deer are good at one-eye stares.
the hunter’s child said, “Hello, what’s your name? I think my dad calls you Good Sausage.”
Milk strained like an animatronic puppet, trying to get the words out, but everytime he tried to speak he only grunted a bit at most.
when commercials interupted the bass catch on the tv, th...

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