Daily Archives May 23, 2005

Tonic with the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow

Thursday, May 26
Corn Mo with the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players!
at At Tonic
107 Norfolk Street
between Delancey and Rivington Streets in Manhattan’s Lower East Side

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The Birchmere in Alexandria, VA

Burlesque at the Birchmere
The Pontani Sisters
Miss Dirty Martini
Corn Mo
Trixie Little
The Evil Tap Dancing Hate Monkey
hosted by..
Todd Robbins
w/ live music from
The Fisherman Xylophonic Burlesque Orchestra

The Birchmere
3701 Mt. Vernon Ave
Alexandria, VA 22305
Advance tickets available at The Birchmere box office &

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Jam on the River-Philadelphia

Saturday, May 28
In Philadelphia!
Corn Mo at Jam On the River
at Penn’s Landing
2:15 pm
more info
i’m playin’ outdoors!

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The Gamey

There was this kid who loved syrup. He bemoaned the days when mom was out of it. He dipped everything in it: bacon, biscuits, corn dogs, hot dogs, grilled cheese, french fries, cake and pork chops. And his list went on.
One day his uncle shot a squirrel, boiled it and put it on the kids plate. His uncle knew of his love for syrup and for the common use of syrup on wild game.
The kid tasted it.
“Hey, this tastes like chicken.”
“That’ s because it is chicken.”
“No. But yes it is chicken.”
“That’s pork.”
“Not pork.”
“Is it squirrel?”
“No. It’s shicken.”
“No. Yes. It’s tastes like chicken right?”
“What am I eating?”
“You tell me.”
“It’s meat.”
“Yes it is.”
“Did you hunt it?”
“I may have.”
“Then it’s squirrel.”
“Maybe I shot a pig in the back.”

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