Daily Archives May 6, 2005

Holiday Inn

I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Chicago. It has a holidome with a macaw named Popeye.

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Ben Folds-Chicago

Ben Folds is a beautiful gentleman. What a stand up fellow. And so are Lindsey and Jerrod. Nice, nice fellows. And their tour manager, Joe, is stand up guy, too. He takes good care of me and always smiles and goes to bat for me when 2 outs are coming. I’m a lucky fellow. Real lucky.
The first night was in Chicago at the Riviera. I’m intimidated by places of such heights. But I walk in and there’s my beer and soda and bananas in my room and 2 dinners right outside in the hallway: pad thai, steak, pasta, homemade soup, salad, desert, good cheese and GOOD TIMES. I meet everyone and everyone is cool. Everyone. Mike, the sound guy, is a pro. And the promoters took a house of cards and put bricks around them. So tight!
The show went well and I got to watch Ben’s magic hands from ...

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Glasgow Dancing

I got a donner kebab the other day in Glasgow. It was the best donner kebab I’d ever had. Eric had 3 of them. The taxi waited for him to go back for another one. It topped off a weird night.
After the show we took our things to the tour bus and went out and about. I was very happy to be hanging out with Scots. Two excellent fellows, John and Steve, took me to the Cathouse.
“You want to go to a metal club?”
I pictured sitting at the bar listening to Guns and Roses and it sounded lovely.
“Yes. Let’s do it.”
Two of the lassies said, “You don’t want to go there” which made me want to go even more. I haven’t heard Ugly Kid Joe in a long time and I felt like it was coming.
The alleys in Glasgow smell like pee because of people like me...

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