Daily Archives April 1, 2005

Outre’ Island

Chris Rozzi’s Outre Island
Parkside Lounge
See the host of character’s that live on Outre’ Island as done by the funny Chris Rozzi.
You can see a clip of his character Delmonte on The Corn Mo Show.

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Planet Banana

Planet Banana
at The Ars Nova Theater
now through June 4!
I did this show with these guys over in the Old World. Go see it in New York City. It’s amazing. New jokes, new songs and Jon Spurney plays the good-bad-ugly theme on keyboard and guitar at the same time!
Clarke juggles to “Another One Bites the Dust”!

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Ghetto Ways

Go see my roommate’s band and that lovable asshole from The Psycho’s, Harry Dagger, as they take to Maxwell’s with The Dirtbombs.
Tonight at 9
more info

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