Last show of the tour

Last night was a sad bye bye.

It won’t hit me for a day but I’m gonna miss those Common Rotation guys. They are stand up friends. I called Jory yesterday to see if he was watching Rocky III. That’s gonna happen.

I’ve got new friends that came to the last 3 shows and sing along in the front row. It makes me smile. Those guys are stand up friends. They made my night.

We had a nice dressing room with a big L-shaped couch. I watched Pirates of the Caribbean and then took a nap.

I rode home with Flans and Ana, the merch girl, and her boyfriend, Yasha. Flans coaxed me into singing “Caro Mio Ben” for him and then told me some stories. He’s very, very smart.

As he pulled up to my house, I got out and did the thing where you try to open the back while someone is trying to unlock it. This happened 3 times.

“Hey, Corn Mo,” Flans asked. “You want to go to England with us?”

“Yes, I do.”