response to Madison

Dear Colin,

I seriously teared up reading this. I will take on

your mission. I think you’re right that there is a

lot of good music that is uninvestigated. Most radio

is enjoyed by running in the hamster wheel. I think

clear channel is a beast that cannot be conquered

until satellite radio is the norm. Sunday night radio

shows are an oasis for people like you but you have to

have your sunday’s scheduled for such. Inspiration

needs to happen every day.

I get pissed off when someone casually brushes off the

Polyphonic Spree as another Flaming Lips when the

radio is full of bands that sound like the band before

it that sounds like the band before it. It’s hard for

some people to allow the magic to rock them. It takes

a concerted effort. So, I don’t know. I’ll keep doing

what I’m doing and hopefully those in the power of

media will catch on and we will all have better days.