I’ve been out of shape lateley. I’ve been spending time with my folks in KY. Since my mom is sick, the nice folks from church have been bringing food to the house so I’ve done my part be eating it. I didn’t want to bother my dad to use his gym pass so I got Lose Weight Exercise my mowing the lawn (a treat since my Brooklyn home has no lawn).

So, when I got to Columbus after driving 8 hours from Brooklyn, I was excited and tired and nervous about playing a show so rusty.

I think I’ve mentioned this beofre but opening for the Giants couldn’t be a better fit for me. It’s as if someone tailored a crowd to fit what I do.

“Here you go. Now rock them.”

The Promowest Pavillion is a mini-amphitheater in the style of Dallas’ Starplex with the size of Austin’s Stubbs. Most venues don’t look at my rider (what I want). With good reason I guess, because I’m just the opening act. But here, the guy asked if I really wanted wings. I had to say no because I didn’t really NEED wings.

I love wings. I’ll tell you where in NY to get wings: Scruffy Murphy’s in Hell’s Kitchen.

I went to Hooter’s with my friends Kelly and Todd Deatherage after watching Ben Kweller and Katie Holmes at Carson Daly Live. I was a little depressed and Kelly wanted to go to Hooter’s because they have Miller Lite on tap. And by the way, Katie Holmes is very beautiful. They make her homely on Dawson. But I definitely digress.

Oh yeah, Hooter’s wings suck. I like girls in tight shorts just like the next guy but don’t be duped. Go order wings from a real bar and go to the park.

Don’t get me started on wingz.

I like going on stage and people yell for you and not at you. It’s nice. TMBG crowds are nice. Polyphonic Spree crowds are nice, too. It was a good show.

My voice held up. My banter was a little off. My stamina gave a little. By the time the show was over, I felt like I ran 3 miles. No. 5 miles. It felt really good. The merch table was the best part because I was never without good company. I met some real good people. Very nice folks.