Columbus 2

My friend, Matt, came to the show. I met him when I was out with the Spree. His job allows to pop up at shows all over the map. My rider requires “a townie to drink with” and I dubbed him the guy. I’d planned on sleeping in the car that I’d borrowed from my roommate’s girlfriend, Kim, but Matt needed a place and he knew people. 2 people more than I did. He got hold of this girl, Amber. She said a little more notice would be good. Matt had met her at a show she did with her band in Dayton that ended with a real shoot-out.

We met up at Brothers. I thought it was a place to get pizza. It was a bar. A good bar but I was beered out. I had to drive, too. There are some days when I just don’t want to drink and that was one of them. After shows, sometimes I can’t really drink beer. I hit a wall. We met up with Amber and Marcha at this nice place and after a couple of cokes we went back to Amber’s.

She’s a puppeteer. Her puppet, Mark, has cerebral palsy and has his own puppet wheelchair. I held Mark most of the night and made Amber talk while I moved his mouth. He ended up sleeping between Matt and me on the pull-out futon. Amber was a gracious host, making us let her make us pierogis and putting on a Syd Barrett dvd for me to fall asleep to.

And yes they were very pretty.