Trying to Write

I couldn’t sleep last night. I got up and tried to write new songs. I gotta write one for Una’s motorcycle act. So I got out some midway carnival hits (Kid Rock) and let it try to inspire me.

Jesse was playing X Box. John and Logan were playing guitars.

We stopped earlier somewhere between Winnipeg and Edmonton to watch the Aurora Borealis. They weren’t as amazing as some pictures I’d seen but they were amazing nonetheless.

I got a little bit done on my writing. I ended up writing a story instead.

We got to Edmonton just short of 6 am.

Me and John and Jesse went to the hotel with Roger, the driver, to use the hotel bathroom. I gotta wash clothes real soon. I’ve been wearing the same jeans for 2 weeks.

I’m perpetually tired but it’s awesome. I’m finally in the groove of this.

Someone stuffed up the toilet again. The toilet on the bus is the center of attention. I never shit on that bus. Never. Ask the poo that was felled from the tanks.

“Sorry, don’t recognize him.”