On the Way to Winnipeg

I watched SWAT and Lost in Translation on the bus. We spent 2 days driving to Winnipeg. Some folks watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy in the front of the bus. The way we got number 3 has been put on the down low.

Someone shit in the toilet and it stopped up the comode and no one fessed up. My name was tossed around but I went 3 weeks as a kid without taking a shit when my folks took me to Holland. I can hold out for a day and I can handle a Canadian truck stop.

SWAT sucked but I still enjoyed it. Lost in Translation was better than I thought it would be. I like Bill Murray. He’s America’s bad ass. I wish Steve Martin would do more cool shit. Same with Gene Wilder.

We stopped along the lake to look see and I pissed in the woods and threw a rock on the frozen lake. Rick stood on the ice for a picture and didn’t have to reenact the Omen.

Roger, the bus driver, drained the shitter and found poop on his pick stick. I swear I didn’t shit on the bus. We should have a scientist with us.