Austin City Limits

I got so fucking stressed getting to the Austin City Limits show. We couldn’t find the parking lot and had 30 minutes to get to the stage. I jumped out of the van and walked. A guy in a cart saw me and goes,

“I should give you a ride . . . but I won’t.”

Then, I remembered the festival told me I was supposed to get a cart ride.

“Hey, man, can you give me a ride to the stage? I go on in twenty minutes.”

“We can’t do that. We got a lot of work to do. Your stage is only 100 feet away.”

It was real close. I saw a few people waiting by the stage which was the crowd I was expecting. After I started playing it got bigger. Some guys had signs that requested songs, Corby and Dave Lane from The Ticket showed up, a girl from high school came, and a bunch of other folks showed up.

It’s hard playing festivals because there is no end to where you throw your presence. It just goes on. How far do I play to? Shit, I don’t know.

The coolest part was the 20 minute line to say “Hello” or sign people’s programs. That was real nice.

I hung out with my high school friend, Audra, and her husband, Blake. It was real nice.

I didn’t get to hang out with my old Bible-study leader, Gary. He’s a good friend. I fell asleep right in front of him while he tried to teach me the good book, once. He’s good people.

It feels real good to get your friends free beer and I did. Drinking free is the best gift to give an entertainer.

We stayed at Tracy Miller’s house that night. She played in Lithium Xmas in Dallas and married a Slovak named, Stano. They went to the bar and I was exhausted and ended up hanging out with Stano in his studio.

His paintings are real good. A lot of commie themes and drinkin’ and naked ladies. There’s more to them but I’ll write that essay later. He was really into Laibach and tried to get a passport to their one-world state. Instead he got a green card to work in Austin. Laibach is fucking awesome. Stano’s livin’ the life.

I’m starting to draw again. I’ll show you.