Greenville, NC: no score

On our way to Winston-Salem. We had fixed our trailer-a ball bearing was burning a groove in the axle. Last night, we played at Peasant’s Cafe in Greenville, NC. I was a little tired. this wa the town Magic Brian almost went home with the hot lady, Laura, back in April. She came to this show. She was the volunteer for a Magic Brian card trick and Brian kissed her hand as she left the stage.

The kids screamed for me again-it ALWAYS feels good.

During the straightjacket routine, one smart ass volunteer, who kept looking behind the back curtain, was trying to be clever on his hometown. The other guy was drunk and chained up Magic Brian’s and Keith’s necks.

Afterwards, I signed a few autographs, including one to a girl who wanted me to take a picture of her with the circus. Without me in it. I don’t know.

I wanted to go sleep at the hotel. Brian was going to hook up wand people bought beer for a party at the “hook up” lady’s house. I decided to go and Una went with me to check it out. I stayed after hearing Ween’s “White Pepper” album and they bought New Castle. Una left. I also stayed in case Brian had to leave.

I enjoyed these folks. They were very nice. Brian asked Laura to dance and they swing danced while I drank and talked. Andrea tried to “sign language” that she couldn’t stay for the slumber party because Brian would be sleeping over. i told her to stay on the couch. The other roommate shared string cheese with me.

As Magic Brian went behind the closed door to perform magic, I borrowed a book from the roommate because I wake up early and didn’t want to experience boredom in someone’s house. She loaned me David Sedaris’ “Holiday on Ice”. I read a few short stories the following morning. They were good. His sister is Amy Sedaris from “Strangers With Candy”. She’s really hot.

Brian got no action save for second base and I got to read David Sedaris and drink Ssips Berry Tea and had more string cheese. Poor Brian.