Last night we played in Raleigh and met up with Gary and Ian who are doing the article for Nerve Magazine. We played at a club called Kings. Everyone was real nice. Chris, the sound guy, was real good. They had a good jukebox- Bowie, Deep Purple, Prince, Brian Eno, Van Halen’s Fair Warning album . . . and cool video games though the Tempest machine was broken and so was the sit-down Star Wars game (the vectrix version).

I got a good response in lieu of an atmosphere of dead spirits. It was hard to get the audience excited. I don’t know if they were uptight or tired or hot.

Right now I want to jump out of the van and run through this traffic just up the dotted line on I-40 W. I don’t think I’m exciting enough for Gary, the writer for Nerve. Or hang out the door. He taped us at the mall today while we waited for Stephanie. Keith and Brian spinned rope.

Lots of things were not so good last night. The glowing diablo was dropped for the first time and I was having a hard time with my accordion. The keys got stuck and my cord fell out of it during the plates act. Folks liked it though. We got a six-pack of Shiner and Rolling Rock for the hotel from the door guy who looked like a small Gene Simmons. We drank and watched Conan O’Brien.

Today, Ian took pictures of us outside the Red Roof Inn. I did my stupid rocknroll poses. He did some of just Keith and Stephanie.

We ate at IHOP and I’ve been uncomfortable since.

Una bought two Springsteen tapes for her trip today because she rides by herself. Gary and Ian are riding with us right now. Shashana got laid off today. She likes it.