Tv Buddy List

People I want to watch tv with:

1. Corbett Sparks

2. Ben Stiller

3. Kevin Cronin

4. Jeff Speedealer

5. Not Kevin Cronin

6. Not Vincent Gallo

7. President Clinton

8. My Dad

9. One of my late dogs

10. Maybe George Clooney

11. Kevin Spacey

12. My brother

13. I feel bad for making my girlfriend watch tv all day unless she says she enjoys it.

14. Nikki Sixx

15. Maybe Mick Mars

16. Chris Flemmons

17. Matthew McConaughy

18. Richard Kmietzch

19. I want to go get pizza with Nikki Sixx.

20. Huey Lewis maybe

21. Test out James Belushi. I don’t know.

22. Christopher Guest

23. Martin Short

24. Kid Rock

25. Not ZZ Top

26. Marilyn Manson

27. Tv buddies don’t judge you for watching tv, but you can both feel bad for watching too much. Plus, no sports. That’s different than watching tv. Just shows. Good shows, bad shows. At least one family show like Family Ties.

*Someday, if you win a lot of money, go to someone’s house and decorate the walls with beanie babies. Lots of beanie babies. With lots of hanging beanie baby holders-like shoe holders you hang on doors.

Then, when your friend comes home say,

“I won money!”

28. The Bindlestiffs-but not all together. I feel like there may be on who doesn’t want to watch. Keith and Stephanie or Una and Magic Brian or Keith and Magic Brian or Una and Stephanie. One at a time would be good, too. The idea would be to watch VH-1 all day in the hotel room: “Behind the Music” marathon.