Sunday-Brantford, Ontario

I’ve got a sore throat. I felt like a cold yesterday, but now it’s sore throat. Last night, I drank with more Canadians, “Hey, guy!” Canadians. They were fun.

I just kept drinking and eating cheese.

Tanya, Rocket Johnny’s sister, gave her dog some cheese. It was a lot of cheese. He couldn’t take it all in one easy swallow.

Earlier in the day we went to Rocket Johnny’s parents’ cottage. It’s all wood walls-like wood paneling but real wood. It had two small bedrooms, one bath, a sunroom, and a kitchen connected to the living room. Una, Magic Brian, Stephanie and I walked down the the beach on Lake Erie while Keith practiced throwing knives and tomahawks.

I planted a branch in the sand and claimed Canada cause of the maple leaves on it. We found a dead bird and Magic Brian needed a wing for his act so Una ripped it off with her feet. Magic Brian later threw it away cause of the many maggots and the whole process of the ripping disconcerted him a bit.

We met up with Rocket Johnny, John (his buddy), and the Wau Wau sisters up the beach. We watched the sun set quietly.

Back at the cottage we had very large steaks, a good salad, and beer. Rocket Johnny’s mom made a cranberry relish for the steaks. Crazy Canadians always coming up with good things!