I had a falafel pita and a coke for dinner. The theater was large and the seating was terraced with tables and chairs. The staff was real nice and served us really good beer. Kids were yelling “Corn Mo”, making up for the lack of patrons. I gave out my e-mail address to do phone shows.

This was my first show with Una, the aerialist. I played an Evan Lurie song with the trapeze swing, called a “lira”, and a variation on a Cirque du Soleil song for the rope act which is called the “Cordalise”. She falls down the rope and catches herself before hitting the ground and I was totally on with the cymbal crashing at the end of her fall.

I had poutine for the first time. It’s fries with brown gravy and cheese curds. Being in Canada is like a great “what if” or parallel universe. It’s just like the USA with subtle differences. The candy bars say Nestle or Cadbury but they also say things like Viking and hell I don’t know I should have written them down. And the speed limits are in kilometers. There was a guy at the show who looked and dressed like Geddy Lee-same hair with a blazer and a t-shirt. And I heard “Swangin'” on the radio. I haven’t heard that song in ten years. Hell, I’m an idiot and can’t write.

At the end of the show, instead of blowing kisses I threw my fist in the air. I gave away a cd to the first person who talked to me and gave away two shirts to the staff.

I woke up the next morning and everyone was working out in the hotel room. Magic Brian was doing push-ups against the wall. Una was doing sit-ups sideways. Keith and Stephanie were doing sit-ups. I went and made coffee and watched an episode of “Alf” without commercials.

We left for rantford, Ontario, located between Toronto and Detroit. It’s the hometown of Wayne Gretzky and the late Phil Hartman, and Rocket Johnny.