The last show was the best cause the drama students came back and wanted to see me and yelled. It was the best response and everybody or almost everybody sang along on “My Epilady”.

Saturday morning I walked to the rotating drawbridge from our hotel. the houses were real old. It was nice that there was a sidewalk the whole way there. I smelled dead fish water and it was good. There waas a yard sale at the old folks home with a shopping basket full of clowns. I wanted to get Keith the “Emmet Kelly” ventriloquist doll but I figured he’s prbably sick of clown gifts and I was worried about money.

We ate Mexican food for dinner during Yale’s 300th anniversary. I got a bbq chicken burrito and a coke. Keith didn’t eat because he needed to allow four hours before he swallows his swords. He used to swallow skewers and bring of pieces of apple.

At 5:00 pm we saw the Gog/Magog Project, a play by a Yale student. It starred the son of the guy with the mustache from “Benson”. He was real good. His character had locked himself in a cage and performed shows at 8:00 every night for a year as an experiment on theater. He ends up staying fifteen years.